Swiss Gaming Challenge Finals

Semi finals are now over and we know the teams that will battle out next week end on the Fantasy Basel stage during the grand finals

League of Legends

Lausanne eSport will go head to head against XxCrazykillersxX Saturday 29th April at 13h30


SPG will fight against Lausanne eSport Sunday 30th April at 13h30

Rocket League

Aeriality will face Maligne Monday 1st of May at 13h30

We'll have the pleasure to have Jaws (@ThisisJaws) and Dezachu (@Dezachu) as casters to bring you the whole event in English commentary

If you can't attend the event you can watch the games live on twitch here:

Congratulations to the qualified teams, we hope you will come in numbers to cheer for your favorite team during this year edition of the Fantasy Basel and Swiss Gaming Challenge. Be sure to use the hashtag #swissGC when tweeting to support your favorite team!

More informations about the Fantasy Basel:



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