IeSF qualifiers finals in Fribourg

We are happy to announce the venue where IeSF qualifiers finals are going to be played!

Winners of both qualifiers on every game will compete to win their ticket to represent Switzerland in Jakarta.

We already know some of the participants: myInsanity and Maaischguet on CS:GO, Dead Pixels on League of Legends and YounTheory on Hearthstone. The remaining participants will be determined during the last qualifier the 20 august.

The venue:

As previously annonced, the finals will take place the 27 august at the Arena cinamas in Freiburg. The event will take place in a projection room: a scene will be installed for the players and the matches will be displayed on the giant screen for the spectators. There is room for everyone as the venue has a capacity of 150 spectators. French casting will be provided inside the venue.

If you can't make it to the live event, don't worry as the whole tournament will be streamed on Twitch.

Here are some pictures of the venue to get the hype going:

Practical informations:

  • Adress: Avenue de la Gare 22, 1700 Fribourg (map:
  • Schedule & Dates: 27 august, opening for the spectators at 12:00 and the matches finishing at 22:00*. Starting with Hearthstone finals(~12:15), then League of Legends(~14:30), then CS:GO(~18:00).
  • Price: 5CHF per person including a non-alcoholic drink
  • Drinks and snack will be available outside the venue. Drinks and snacks purchased outside of the venue are forbidden.
  • Parking: St-Léonard (8 CHF including TPF pass for the day) or Grandes-Places (more expensive).

*Ending time might change if the matches are played quickier than we expect, we will launch the next final as soon as the previous end.

We are waiting for you to come cheer for you favourite players or team mates on their Road to Jakarta!



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